Welcome to the Attorney Discipline Board

The Michigan Attorney Discipline Board is the adjudicative arm of the Michigan Supreme Court for discharge of its exclusive constitutional responsibility to supervise and discipline Michigan attorneys.

The ADB appoints hearing panels composed of three volunteer attorneys to conduct the trial-level proceedings under Subchapter 9.100 of the Michigan Court Rules, including cases in which the Attorney Grievance Commission has filed a formal complaint alleging that a member of the State Bar of Michigan has committed professional misconduct or should be transferred to inactive status. The ADB also hears petitions for review of decisions by a hearing panel and performs other duties. A decision of the ADB may be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court. Additional questions about the discipline system are answered in our FAQs.

To find out if a Michigan attorney's license to practice law has been affected by proceedings under Subchapter 9.100, click here.
Board Orders and Opinions
Cherry, D. Michael

Affirming Hearing Panel Order Modifying Conditions
Decided: 09/23/21

Easthope, Christopher S.

Affirming, In Part, And Reversing, In Part, the Hearing Panel’s Findings of Misconduct and Reducing Discipline From a One-Year Suspension to a 180-Day Suspension
Decided: 09/17/21

Wietrzynski, Lukasz

Affirming Hearing Panel Order of Disbarment & Restitution and Vacating Order Granting Interim Stay
Decided: 09/15/21

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Recent Notices
Nitzkin, Gary D.

Date Issued: 09/23/21

Jansen, Steven

Date Issued: 09/15/21

Shureb, John M.

Date Issued: 09/14/21

Shulman, Lawrence B.

Date Issued: 09/14/21

Lawrence, James

Date Issued: 09/14/21

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Where to File Complaints
Attorney Grievance Commission
PNC Center
755 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Suite 2100
Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 313-961-6585

Judicial Tenure Commission
3034 W. Grand Blvd.
Suite 8-450
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-875-5110